Why Adopt?

If you are thinking about adopting, there is a lot to consider before going through with it. As much as I want everyone to adopt a dog, there are some people who are not ready and/or prepared for one. It’s important to know that you are ready before adopting for the sake of your time and money and the emotions and confusion for the dog. When considering adopting, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

Am I financially ready?

Money is a must when you get a pet. Yes, you need the money if you pay for adoption, but you will also have to pay for vet visits, toys, food, crates and many more necessities and needs. Many people adopt a dog thinking that it won’t be too expensive, they only go to the vet once a year, right? No. I will admit that I was one of these people. I adopted my dog when I was fresh out of college and had no money. I got by, but I was not prepared for the cost.

Am I mentally ready?

Think of a dog as a baby. It needs to be fed, it needs to be changed (taken outside), it needs attention and love, and it needs to be taught. You need to be mentally ready and realize that having a dog is not all cuddles and kisses. It can be hard work and time consuming, so be aware of the commitment, though, in the end, it will be the best one you’ve ever made!

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Pick the One

When you have decided, that you are ready to adopt, the first step is to find your match! I was lucky to come across my dog, Bea. I found her on a free and for sale pets Facebook group page. I saw a post for free puppies and the next day I was picking Bea out of the litter. There are many ways to find the dog for you, it could be on a Facebook page, from a friend, from a breeder or from a shelter. Every dog deserves a good home and it is important for you to find a dog that will accommodate to your living style and personality type. A more active dog needs room to run and time to play, and a lazier dog needs a couch and a cuddle buddy. It’s important to know the personality of the dog that is right for you.

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So, you’ve found the one, now it’s time to prepare. It’s important to have everything the dog needs when you bring it home, such as: food, toys, a bed, leash, collar, treats, etc. Knowing your plan on how to train and live with your dog will help you prepare. What will be the sleeping arrangements? What will be the rules of the house? Will you allow him/her on the furniture? What will be the eating, walking and play schedule? It’s important to have a plan to follow and rules to enforce so you are not making it up as you go. It’s best for the dog’s transition, training and living arrangements to have a schedule and enforced rules. This will make you and your dog very happy.

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Once you have everything you need and have a plan and schedule, you are ready to take your baby home! It is important to stick with and enforce the rules and routine you’ve created, especially at the beginning of the new living arrangement. It will create a more relaxed and comfortable transition for your dog and it will help build a strong relationship between you both and with all other members of the family.

Be Prepared

Like I’ve mentioned, it’s very important to be prepared financially and mentally when you adopt a dog. I thought I was ready when I adopted but it was not enough. I had some toys and food, but that’s it. Eventually, I had to buy a crate, bed, leash, collar, more toys, and a bed. There was a lot more to buy than planned and especially vet visits. You never know when something is going to happen and you'll need money set aside to pay for it when/if anything happens. Also, be mentally ready for the hard work and time that will be put into taking care of another living thing.

Be Patient

Patience is key when you first bring home a new dog. Puppy or full grown, it will take some time for you and the dog to become accustomed to the new living arrangements and relationship. If dogs are stressed, they might act out and this can be stressful. The dog might not like the rules and test your dominance. Patience is needed to fight through these stages, keep your dominance and stand your ground. It might take time, but all the testing will end and you and your dog will have a strong relationship if you put the effort into it.

Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun! Dogs want to play and be loved. Play and have fun with your dog and this will create an amazing bond and relationship, and show your dog some love. In a dog’s world, you are most important. You are the one they wait for to get home, the one they play with, the one they cuddle with, the one that takes care of them. They deserve your time and attention, so enjoy a play session and cuddle time with your baby, they’ll love it and you’ll find that you will too.

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